Medela Sonata

$250 Upgrade Fee Applies


The Medela Sonata is Medela’s newest breast pump, and Ashland Health is one of only a handful of DME companies to carry this premium model.  The Sonata is a “smart” breast pump that connects to the MyMedela app on your phone, allowing you to monitor your breastfeeding goals, diaper changes, feedings and baby’s development; a great feature for moms on the go who need everything centrally located to track information. The Sonata is extremely quiet compared to other pumps on the market, and it’s Medela’s quietest pump yet. The Sonata can run on a rechargeable battery, making pumping convenient in any location.  The Sonata is a closed system and meets the Medela performance expectation.

Ideal for moms who: Pump regularly, are on the go, or who like to track information.
Moms love it because: The pump is very quiet, rechargeable, and connects to the MyMedela app.

Insurance Information: Ashland Health offers the Medela Sonata for a one-time upgrade charge of $250 with insurance. For free options, check out the Medela Pump in Style from Ashland Women’s Health.

For more information on the Medela Sonata, visit the Medela website.

Medela Sonata Features

  • Double-electric, daily use breast pump for moms who pump several times a day
  • 2-Phase Expression technology with a one-touch let-down button that produces more milk in less time
  • Connects to the MyMedela smartphone app
  • Quietest Medela breast pump
  • Hospital grade
  • Touch screen display and control illumination
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

1 review for Medela Sonata

  1. Caitlin

    I tried the Medela Sonata and loved it. I found that the pump allowed me to customize settings more specifically to maximize my milk output. If you are used to a Pump In Style, there will be a slight adjustment to getting used to the different accessories and how the pieces fit together, but once you’ve done it once or twice it’s not an issue. The rechargeable battery is a life-saver for me as I occasionally have to pump without access to an outlet. My milk output was slightly higher than with my previous pump, so I was happy from that standpoint!

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