Will my insurance cover a breast pump?

The Affordable Care Act mandates that all insurance plans cover breastfeeding supplies and resources. This includes military Tricare insurance as of July 2015. The mandate does NOT include grandfathered plans. Ashland Health will call your insurance company on your behalf to confirm coverage of your breast pump, allowing you to focus on your expanding family. Call us or click here to get started, and we will take it from there!

I have Tricare insurance, can I get my breast pump from Ashland Health?

Yes! Ashland Health is a proud Tricare breast pump provider, and we love serving those who serve our country. Tricare mandates 100% coverage of breast pumps and covered accessories. We offer our Tricare moms the best choices when it comes to breast pumps and accessories.

How do I get started?

Call us at 888-434-7971 or click here to submit necessary information and we will take it from there! We do all the leg work in confirming insurance coverage, guiding you in choosing your breast pump, and shipping it to your door. We are a free service.

Can I get my breast pump before my baby is born?

Typically you can, but this is dictated by your specific insurance plan. Some plans will require that you wait until your baby is born before you receive your breast pump, but we will find that out for you, so not to worry! We will ask your insurance provider if you need to wait, and we will clearly explain any such restrictions or limitations attached to your coverage.

How long does it take to get a breast pump through my insurance company?

Typically we can get a pump out the door to you very quickly! We may need to obtain additional paperwork from your physician, adhere to insurance plan restrictions, or work with you on selecting the right breast pump for your needs. As soon as the steps listed below are completed, we FedEx your breast pump straight to your door.

  • Demographics (name, DOB, address, etc.)
  • Your insurance information
  • Prescription for your breast pump from your provider (MD, CNM, PA, NP)
  • Pre-authorization if required (we handle this for you)
  • Referral when required by HMO insurances (we handle this for you)
What upgrade pumps do you offer?

*Call for the most competitive pricing on upgrade breast pumps

General Insurance Upgrade Options

  • Medela Pump in Style (with tote or backpack)
  • Medela Sonata
  • Medela Freestyle
  • Spectra S1
  • Spectra S1 Deluxe
  • Ardo Calypso-To-Go
  • Lansinoh Smartpump Bundle

Tricare Insurance Upgrade Options

  • Medela Sonata
  • Medela Freestyle
  • Spectra S1 Deluxe
Do I have to get a prescription from my doctor? Who can write a breast pump prescription?
  • Physician (OB/GYN, Pediatrician, General Practitioner, etc.)
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant
Do I have to pay for shipping?

No, we include shipping in our free services. You will have a breast pump sent via FedEx to your door free of charge.

Can I use my FSA or HSA Account to purchase a breast pump upgrade or breast pump supplies?

Yes, you can. We will send you an itemized receipt in your shipment for you to submit or keep for your records.

Will my Medicaid plan cover a breast pump?

Medicaid is exempt from the ACA – the coverage of breast pumps is up to each individual state. You may be able to receive a pump from a DME company such as Ashland Health or you may be referred to your local WIC office. We will guide you as best we can to obtain a breast pump.

What is a grandfathered plan?

Some insurance plans are exempt from the requirement to cover breast pumps. If you have a grandfathered plan, we will work with you to determine the best option for you to get your breast pump in a cost-effective way.

Where can I find breast pump accessories?

Ashland Health offers free breast pump accessories for most of our breast pump models, including bottles, tubing, and breast shields. All you need to do is complete an accessories order form and we’ll immediately process your order, contact your insurance company, and ship exactly what you need directly to your home. You may also call us at 888-434-7971.

Depending on the brand of pump you select, you may easily find accessories at brick and mortar stores like CVS or Target. Many accessories will be available on Amazon.com as well.

Why should I use Ashland Health instead of a retailer?

Purchasing a pump at a big box store and submitting a receipt with paperwork for reimbursement from your insurance company is both time consuming and confusing. You may not be reimbursed the full amount you paid at the big box store. By using Ashland Health, we will navigate the whole process for you, and you will not have to pay up front for any costs that are not mutually agreed upon by both parties. You will also not have to wait on reimbursement.

Why did I receive a bill for my breast pump?

If you received a bill for your breast pump, and you were not previously informed you would be receiving a bill, please call us. If your insurance plan covers a portion of your breast pump, you will be sent a bill for your co-pay portion – we will only ship a pump to you after this has been clearly explained and approved by you. Please call or e-mail us if you received a bill and do not know why – info@ashlandhealthrx.com or 888-434-7971.

*If your benefits were suspended after we shipped a pump due to non-payment of premiums, you will be responsible for discussing with your insurance company and for the full amount of the bill.*

Do I have to fill out a lot of paperwork?

Not at all. You can fill out our contact form online and Ashland Health will take care of the rest. We will communicate with your practitioner to obtain your prescription if you do not already have one. Once you confirm your breast pump of choice, we will send you a form to electronically sign from your phone or your computer agreeing that Ashland Health can bill your insurance. Then you will receive your pump of choice at your front door!

Can I return my breast pump if I don't like it?

No. Once you break the seal on a breast pump, it is not returnable. A breast pump is considered a personal hygiene product and therefore cannot be returned once it is opened. We encourage all our patients to do sufficient research on their breast pump options prior to shipping out the pump. We work closely with patients to guide them on selecting the best pump for them to ensure they are happy with their decision. There is never any pressure from Ashland Health to pick a pump quickly or without researching.

What if my pump stops working?

All our manufacturers will work with individuals if there are issues with your breast pump. They will help you troubleshoot over the phone and will replace your pump if necessary. You can contact us to help facilitate the conversation with the breast pump manufacturers. We are extremely passionate about providing you the best products and will help you in any way we can if something is malfunctioning.

What is a DME company?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is any equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need because of certain medical conditions and/or illnesses. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) consists of items which: are primarily and customarily used to serve a medical purpose; are not useful to a person in the absence of illness or injury; are ordered or prescribed by a physician; are reusable; can stand repeated use; and are appropriate for use in the home.

Why should I use Ashland Health instead of a different DME company?

Ashland Health stands apart because our focus is solely on women’s health. We provide a focused service for our patients. Our team are all women and all mothers – several of us are currently nursing and pumping for our own children. We have hands on experience with these breast pumps and are able to answer your questions about breast pumps, pump accessories, and breastfeeding. Please see our reviews and testimonials. We hope you will join the long list of moms we have helped!

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