About Ashland Women’s Health

About Ashland Women's Health - We're moms too

Ashland Women’s Health connects new and expectant mothers all over the country with their free insurance covered breast pumps. To pave the way for a successful breastfeeding experience, our staff works directly with insurance providers to seamlessly secure breast pumps, parts and accessories for our patients.

From selecting the right pump for your lifestyle to delivering your free breast pump to your door at no cost, we save our patients time so they can focus on their motherhood journey.

At Ashland Women’s Health, we are moms too, committed to providing our patients with concierge customer service, access to lactation consultants and important resources to support our patients from baby bump to breast pump.

How It Works

The Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance companies cover the full cost of breast pumps for expectant mothers and new moms. Our customer service staff is trained to help you navigate the process of obtaining your insurance covered breast pump from start to finish.

Who We Are

The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and child are immeasurable. As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that women breastfeed their babies for at least one year. Having access to a good quality pump can make sticking with it long term much easier.

We take pride in the opportunity to assist mothers with reaching their breastfeeding goals. From free insurance covered breast pumps, to in-home lactation consultant services, Ashland Women’s Health is here to assist you with all of your breastfeeding needs.

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